Clifton Fuller, LCSW-S, LPC-S, LMFT-S

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Forms, Insurance, Payment & Articles from our counseling offices

As of 1/1/11, Mr. Fuller became an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans in order to provide greater privacy for clients.  (Allows clients greater control over confidential info released to insurance companies).

Clifton Fuller's offices do not file insurance, however, Mr. Fuller is usually covered by insurance  plans for clients who send in invoices for reimbursement. 

(HMO's or TriCare Prime will not cover sessions.  If you have Medicaid or Medicare, prior to the first session, contact them to obtain policies for filing & coverage to determine coverage and your requirements to file.)

Payment is due at the time of session, except for telephone consultations (where prepayment is required).

An invoice is provided after each session so you can file claims directly for reimbursement. (See form download in left column of this page, "Insurance Filing").  We do not send in claim forms to insurance companies.

Note: Telephone counseling is not usually covered by insurance companies.  Before making a telephone appointment, please check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage.

Payment accepted: Mastercard, Novus/Discover, cash and Visa.  (Checks accepted for established clients). 

For  questions about coverage, please contact your insurance carrier regarding your plan's requirements and allowances.

Clifton Fuller authored "The Marriage Vampire" (how to deal with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder).  The book has sold out and is no longer available for sale, however, Mr. Fuller continues to provide client counseling on the issue, as well as workshops for churches, businesses, universities and mental health groups who are being impacted by the NPD.

If you feel drained, depressed, confused, and disoriented...maybe even feel like you're going crazy? may have a NPD in your home, church or business. 

Want to know more about the Narcissist's personality patterns, feelings and control issues? Schedule an appointment today to address the issues.

For universities: at a time when many young adults are entering into long-term relationships, knowing warning and identify signs of a NPD could help your university prepare students to effectively identify a prospective partner who is 'too good to be true' or 'perfect for me' to see past the artificial imaging of the NPD to the actual person.  

Schedule an appointment to address the issues, or contact our offices to schedule training for your leaders or business owners.

 Language spoken: English
For all new clients: Please download, complete and sign the "Intake Form" prior to the initial therapy session.
For returning clients (6+ months):
Please update Intake with current information. 

"New Client Information" provides information regarding services, fees and confidentiality through our counseling offices.  Please download to read or make a copy if you'd like the information for your records.

The "Medical Release Form" is required to be on file if clients want to request record released to, or obtained from, physicians, schools, psychiatrists, attorneys, or others involved in providing or management of care.

Download "Privacy Information" for detailed information regarding our privacy policies, electronic transmittal & HIPAA guidelines regarding counseling and records.

Complete, sign and send our offices the "Responsible Party Form" if you are the person financially responsible for a client seeking care through our offices. 
(i.e., college student, child, grandchild, wife or husband, friend, church, business, employer, etc.) 
This form is also used for payment information
when requesting telephone counseling (prepaid).